Fix Corrupt Windows 7 profile (Temporary Profile)

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This is a problem that seems to rear its ugly head wherever I seem to work. A user tries to login to their machine and  get the following message.

Temporary login

In this scenario, anything a user does will get wiped immediately after they logged off. This has proved an issue that’s plagued many Conscious IT Ltd clients, and no doubt many of you have experienced it too . Normally this occurs with Domain connected Computers.

So how do we resolve this issue?

The short answer:

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But for those that want to know how to fix this manually follow the procedding steps.
1. Restart the machine, so any data locks are released.
2. Log on to the machine with an account that has administrative privileges.
3. Open the registry and go to the following location
Go through the registry till you find the username that matches the account you want fixed. It will be displayed within the ProfileImagePath variable as shown below

Reg edit TL

Note: Make sure to keep a note of the GUID (the S-1-5-21 long number the key is named after) as you will need it in later.



4. Delete the registry key
5. Now browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileGuid
And delete the key that matches the GUID we noted in step 3. Close the Registry Editor
6. Navigate to C:\Users and rename the user’s profile folder, we normally just append it with old and the date. (you can delete the folder, but make sure to backup/move any data you want kept, like documents and zip files.
7. Finally restart the machine and you’re done!

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