The company launched its new jobs search feature in its Google search engine, which lists jobs from the major jobs board such as LinkedIn and Monster .

This is to make it easier for Job seekers to see the available Jobs from one hub, rather than go to the different sites and have to view duplicate job postings .

 Its as simple as typing  “IT Jobs near me” and the search engine with the power of AI will find all relevant IT job postings on the major job sites near you, making job searches more streamlined.
To deliver you such a refined list of job postings, its search algorithm must first, remove all duplicated posts from the different jobs sites, then the AI kicks into gear and categorises the different postings. From there you can actually click the relevant job and carry out the  application process on the site its hosted on.
Google has made it clear, they have no intention of competing with with Monster or Career builder. “We want to do what we do best: search,” said Nick Zakrasek, Google’s product manager.

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