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Take the fight to IR35 reformsAll IT Contractors in the Public sector are being urged to support a crowd-funded campaign to challenge the IR35 reforms introduced by HMRC earlier this year.

Contractors have been speaking out about their displeasure on how public sector organisations have interpreted the new IR35 regulations. The campaign has been started by Mike Gibson an IT consultant and entrepreneur Andrew Merritt-Morling who believe these reforms are unfair to It contractors.

Gibson says “There are unquestionably people who are acting as contractors who should be employees. They are doing the job of an employee and are avoiding tax. However, the number of those is relatively small, and there are a lot of people getting caught by IR35 who – in a sensible economy – should not be caught by IR35”

£10,000  to be raised in 30 days agianst IR35 reforms

They need to raise £10,5000 in order to do research the information required to confirm the legal direction that is needed to be taken, thus they are calling for Contractors to back their campaign.

“Even if we don’t do a legal challenge, that’s not going to stop me talking to government and anyone I can influence to say this is just wrong, because I believe it is wrong,” said Gibson during an interview with Computer Weekly.

Mike has a series of Blog posts on linked in regards to this campaign that we recommend you check out.

For those interested in backing these two gentleman on their endeavour against the IR35 reforms, donate to their Campaign on


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