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Let me paint the picture for you. Its Monday morning 8:30am, after a not so eventful weekend I’m sitting at my desk, ready for the week ahead. Now, there isn’t a more quintessential form of preparing for the long day than brewing a nice hot cuppa; in my case, a mug of Macha Green Tea, (I’ve been trying to achieve a little more zen in my life lately).

As you can imagine working for Conscious IT we have a quite a few companies we provide our service to, so I don’t have to tell you we support a lot of different apps and software solutions. Now as I’m sipping on my tea, imagining all the health benefits I’m gaining, my work phone rings, by now the time is 8:34 am

Me: IT Support, how may I help you today?

Caller: Infra Case no#1468746 just went bust, I can’t get it to release.

Me: Could I ask you what software you’re currently using?

Caller: What I always use, every day, don’t you know that?

Me: Sir, no – sorry I am not aware of that until you tell me that.

Caller: Ok, see this? And then I’m moving over to this, and this happens…

Me: I can’t see you. Do you want me to remote to your computer to see your desktop?

Caller: Sure, please do.

“Request was Denied”.

Me: You have to press accept in order for me to view your screen.

Caller: Oh, do you see me now?

Me: No, you’ll have to click on the YES or ACCEPT icon/button.

Caller: Where is that?

Now at this point the user has clicked on so many things that the request window is hidden somewhere

Me: you may have to browse through your windows, you’ll find it, and just click YES / ACCEPT. Please.

(User finally discovers it after a lot of effort)…and we’re on!

User: Ok, do you see it now?

Me: Ah, you’re using “obscure, local IT solution no#2432, let me wiki that and see if there’s any known errors.

User: Excuse me? You see the problem, and you still don’t know how to fix this?

Me: I understand you’re busy, but I am currently trying to locate a solution for your specific problem.

(user mumbles grumpily in the background about incompetent IT,).

Me: Ok, I might have found the solution to your issue, you might have been entering the wrong area code in the order somewhere.

User: No, unlike you – I know my job, I’ve done this every day, when did you start your job did you say?

Me: I’ve been here for  a little while, it will be two years in august.

User: oh wow, just wow.

Me: Ok, please go back to where you entered the Area code, and try this area code instead.


User: Mhmm…you could have just said so. (Click….)

(Take a sip of my tea)

Me: Its going to be along week…

p.s if you are interested, the tea I’m drinking is Heapwell Superfoods Matcha Green Tea…

I think I’ve gained a little more Zen in my life

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