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“We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down,” says the company. “We apologize.”

The company is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 or older, battery replacements (for $29 normally $50) starting in late January to December 2018.

The company considers batteries as “consumable components”, and promise to add features that will give more information to users about the battery and the state its in.

The irony of it, is when the first iPhone came out a decade ago, the company stated most users would never need to change their phone battery.

Claims of artificially slowing down phones is nothing new

It was long believed by many iPhone users that Apple were artificially slowing down older models, so no surprise this recent news added fuel to the fire and has lead to many lawsuits filed against the company. What made things worse was this news initially came from a developer, rather than the company itself.

For Apple’s part they insist they never artificially slowed down its phones, but were maximising the batteries performance to lengthen the life of thier phones. A year ago the company released IOS 10.2.1 to fix a problem on the iPhone 6, that caused unexpected shutdowns, if older batteries couldn’t provide enough power to the processor.

It will be interesting to see how Apple can rebuild its trust with its customers after such bad press.

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