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Former CEO blames IT Employee for Equifax Data Breach

Equifax is one the 3 biggest Credit Agencies in the United States, and hold a lot of its populations sensitive data, including Social security numbers and credit cards. In case you’ve been living under a rock there was a huge Equifax data breach where hackers took advantage of a vulnerability on their online platform, and with it had access to roughly 145 million people’s data  including date of birth, social security numbers and even credit

New Google Pixel Buds Features Realtime Translation

The Google Pixel Buds are wireless earphones intended for use with the new Pixel 2 handset. Once paired with the phone, you tap the right earpiece and issue a command to the Google Assistant. It can be commanded to play music, find your location, make a call etc. But what is really special about this device, you can ask it to help you translate a foreign language! So in the event that you want to

Deloitte one of the “Big 4 Accountancy firms” breached by hackers.

According to a UK newspaper the breach actually occurred November 2016 but was not detected until March 2017. Senior research scientist at Comodo Kenneth Geers is quoted as saying “In a hack of this scale, criminals or spies will continue to reap dividends years down the road,” An admin username and password to a global email server is like a digital Swiss Army knife to corporate and client secrets Geers added “The attack has gone

No Appreciation! IT Professional’s views on their fellow office workers

Jobsite is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the critical role IT workers play within an organisation, a spokeswoman was quoted as saying  “By educating the average office worker to the range of skills that IT departments bring to the table, we hope to help IT be viewed with greater prestige,” According to their study of a 2000 IT and Non-IT professionals titled "You just don’t get IT", Jobsite found 67% of IT Workers

560 million login credentials found on “Leaky” Database

A huge amount (560 million) of login credentials have been exposed by an insecure online database, most of which were stolen from popular online platforms, during previous data breaches. The database, was first discovered by the Kromtech Security center and still remains in an un-secured state, and is very much accessible as of the time of writing this article. One of the researchers at the facility Bob Diachenko reported to that the  database contained over 

Highly Skilled Professionals Could Soon be Replaced By Computers

Gartner suggests that highly skilled jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence as soon as 2022. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used to replace low skilled workers and perform menial repetitive tasks, but it could soon go on to perform the jobs of highly skilled people such as those in law, IT, and medicine within five years. Software robots are already displacing thousands of people on the job market by completing repetitive tasks. This

IR35 Reforms to Impair Innovation:

Contractors Believe IR35 Reforms Will Impair Public Sector Innovation and Competitiveness The IR35 anti-tax avoidance reforms will be introduced soon, and new research is warning that they could damage the competitiveness of the public sector, as well as its ability to secure IT talent. Harvey Nash Recruitment surveyed 269 contractors; 82% of whom said they fear that the changes could affect the competitiveness of the public sector in the UK, while 64% were concerned about

Technews this week: Who is trying to take the Internet Down?

In the Latest Technews this week, we are asking why there’s so much considerably efforts in taking trying to take out the internet.  If you wanted to take down a network on the Internet, the easiest way its done, is with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack. This is attack is designed to prevent legitimate users from accessing a site. DDoS is basically when so much data is sent to a site that it’s overwhelmed. Hackers have

HyperConverged systems

A Hyper-Converged system is software driven infrastructure that tightly couples compute, storage networking and virtualisation, along with many other technologies under one shell.   This concept was born out of the converged infrastructure, where a vendor provides a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software under a single chassis. The intended goal was to minimise compatibility issues and simplify management. But if it was required the technology held in this in converged infrastructure could be separated

Getting to grips with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS is a cloud based service in which the virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted on the cloud be a service provider.   Using a multi-tenancy architecture; which is a fancy way of saying a single instance of a software image, in this case the desktop (virtual machine) is served to multiple customers, also known as tenants. Each tenant is given the ability to customise their user, like the desktop wallpaper, or their default browser (as