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Net Neutrality: An Open Internet

A free and open internet is what everyone wants. No one wants the cable or phone companies messing with the speeds that is connecting us to websites, applications and content we choose. We expect to be in control of our internet experience. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š #Technews #techblogger #ITnews #technology #techWeek #Instatech #Digital #microsoft

Campaign to Challenge IR35 reforms launched

All IT Contractors in the Public sector are being urged to support a crowd-funded campaign to challenge the IR35 reforms introduced by HMRC earlier this year. Contractors have been speaking out about their displeasure on how public sector organisations have interpreted the new IR35 regulations. The campaign has been started by Mike Gibson an IT consultant and entrepreneur Andrew Merritt-Morling who believe these reforms are unfair to It contractors. Gibson says “There are unquestionably people

Microsoft To Embed EMET in windows 10

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it will be embedding its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit henceforth known as EMET into its windows operating system in Autumn 2018. This is rather confusing as they previously stated they were dropping support for it in July 2018. However the company decided against this, after an outcry from security experts and the Windows community who all love using this utility and its features. What does EMET do?

Google releasing “Buck up and Sync”, which backs up files on your computer

Google will be releasing their new App backup and synch on June 28th, making google drive a more robust tool. With this service, google will be able to monitor files on your local computer (which you point it to) and back them up accordingly.  Though google advises business users to currently stick with the existing Google drive app for now.  With that being said, all the files u backup will likely count to your 15gb

After 8 years work, Firefox54 finally goes multiprocess.

After 8 years work, Firefox54 finally goes multiprocess. Mozilla are claiming this to be the best Firefox yet, and that their multiprocess content tabs do not suck up as much ram as the Chrome browser. Why go multiprocess content? I hear the fine reader ask! In theory this is more stable and if a tab crashes or slows to a hult, it wonโ€™t slow down the rest of your browsing experience, more importantly it wonโ€™t

Use E-Cigarettes to hack computers? Apparently so!.

Its amazing what hackers are able todo today. Its not enough the different methods they use to breach security, such as DDoS attack, ransomware, phishing, virus, l, keyloggers etc. They are now using modified e-cigarettes to hack computers. Security researcher Ross Bevington had a presentation at BSides London that showcased an e-cigarette attacking a computer by deceiving it to believe that it was a keyboard. It also was able to havk the computer by interfering