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Rodeo The Fake Tor Browser, Scamming Users On Fake Dark Web

A malicious Browser made to look like a modified version of the Tor Browser, has been targeting users who want to gain access to the Dark Web Market Place, to no doubt by illegal goods. Discovered last week by bleeping, the application is distributed by videos on YouTube to non-technical users on how to gain access to the dark web market place. The instructions on the video advise users to download what they call

Microsoft showing lots of love to Open Source 

A few years back saying Microsoft and Open Source in the same sentence would have been tantamount to blasphemy, unless perhaps it was “Microsoft hates the Open Source scene” or something of that ilk. A lot has changed in the last 5 or so years, and now Microsoft has the most open source projects out there beating even Google and Red Hat (7 and 6 open source projects respectively) with a staggering 24 projects. The

Google announces its AI powered jobs search engine.

The company launched its new jobs search feature in its Google search engine, which lists jobs from the major jobs board such as LinkedIn and Monster . This is to make it easier for Job seekers to see the available Jobs from one hub, rather than go to the different sites and have to view duplicate job postings .  Its as simple as typing  “IT Jobs near me” and the search engine with the power

30 years on, and the GIF is more popular than ever!

Introduced by CompuServe in 1987, the Graphics Interchange format (GIF) has gone strength to strength over the years. Despite all the technological advances over the years in graphic formats, we still can’t resist a funny gif, whether it be on our messaging apps or social media. What really propelled this awesome format to popularity was when the Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser added looping to the format in 1995. Previously it would only animate once however

Using Social Media is a constitutional right, declare US Supreme Court

The US Supreme court believes the World Wide Web “is one of the most important places to exchange views.” thus have unanimously declared that the states can’t linit access to social media.  This was on the back of a request the case Packingham v. North Carolina , where the justices were asked to put forth a new law in which sex offenders where bared from accessing social media, where even posting on any of the