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“Shockwave Flash has crashed”: Resolution!

In the Conscious IT Office, we use the vSphere Web client heavily to manage our virtual infrastructure and our clients, so imagine how annoyed some of us were when we tried accessing it and were met with the following error “Shockwave Flash has crashed”. We were getting this in Google Chrome (our preferred and in many cases default browser) and Mozilla Firefox. After a little search on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, it

Microsoft is inventing a language for quantum computers

Microsoft announced that it is working on a language for quantum computers and tools in Visual Studio for developers to use quantum code. Traditional computers represent information in the form of bits (0's and 1's). Quantum computers store information using quantum bits or qubits for short. The challenge is that qubits are extremely sensitive. In fact, small disturbances can throw off the whole operation. Seeing these limitations, Microsoft wants to build a more stable qubit

Fix Corrupt Windows 7 profile (Temporary Profile)

This is a problem that seems to rear its ugly head wherever I seem to work. A user tries to log in to their machine and gets the following message. In this scenario, anything a user does will get wiped immediately after they logged off. This has proved an issue that’s plagued many Conscious IT Ltd clients, and no doubt many of you have experienced it too. Normally this occurs with Domain connected Computers. So how do we resolve

Getting Rid of that annoying Windows 10 update reminder for good!

Seriously Microsoft, some of us are happy with our machines the way they are. Plenty of windows 7 and 8 users world wide are being plagued by the windows 10 reminders that pop up every time they turn on their machines. It almost feels like it’s not even a choice anymore. The worst is there have been reports of windows 10 automatically installing without any authorization.   For those of you who don’t know (where have you

The Evolution Of Storage Through The Years

This is part 1 of a multi-part article series.   The realm of storage has transformed over the years, all the way from Punch cards to today’s cloud based storage. The main functions of storage when it comes to architecture is all about speed, size and latency, basically how much data can be stored and how speedily it can be accessed. Gather around children, I am going to tell the story of how far storage has come.