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Instagram hiding likes?

Last week the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri had an interview with CBS News. One of the points he raised was making sure instagram doesn’t feel like competition, thus they were playing with making the like counts private He explains it himself saying “One of the ideas we’re currently experimenting with is like counts private, for instance, ’cause we don’t want Instagram to be such a competition. We want it be a place where people

Walmart is watching you!

For all those whole love the 5 finger discounts, Walmart has revealed they’ve been using AI in the form of computer vision, on their cctv cameras in over 1000 stores. The system is designed to detect shop lifters before they leave the store. Internally the system is called Missed scan detection The cameras track and analyze activities at self-checkout and normal registers maned with cashiers. If an item is moved past a checkout scanner without

The Open-Source Community Are Calling For Open Source Flash

A petition has been started Github, requesting Adobe open source flash media player. This was launched a day after the company announced it would end support for the application in 2020. Juha Lindstedt who started the petition explains “Flash is an important piece of Internet history and killing Flash means future generations can’t access the past,” Many agree with him (including us) as his petition has already been signed by over 3000 people. Doing this

Windows 10 Timeline Feature not in Autumn Update

The company announced its Windows 10 Timeline Feature will not be in upcoming Autumn creators update, however they do plan of having it featured in the early insiders build shortly after. What is the Windows 10 Timeline Feature? It effectively lets you resume using apps on other devices including IOS and Android, so a user can move around more and still work efficiently. The Timeline View has been added to the windows Task view, and