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The gap for cloud skills is growing within the IT Market. Many organisation are having a headache trying to find tech experts with the right skills for their cloud projects.

Currently cloud based computer skills are the second biggest in demand in the job market, taking up to 24% of all Job listings according to a survey taken by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing firm.

John Reed, senior executive director at the company says “Cloud projects are near the top of CIOs’ priority lists,”

According to another another survey taken by London School of Economics and Rackspace, this skills gap is costing UK businesses just under £217m a year

Will Venters, assistant professor of information systems at LSE is quoted as saying
“Cloud technology is a victim of its own success. As the technology has become ubiquitous among large organisations – and helped them to wrestle back control of sprawling physical IT estates – it has also opened up a huge number of development and innovation opportunities”

It’s obvious many organisation see a future with cloud as part of their business, thus many job vacancies open up with cloud skills listed as compulsory.

Mariano Mamertino, an ecomomist at jobsite Indeed, had this to add

“Our data shows there is a global mismatch between the cloud roles advertised versus those being searched by IT professionals, which could accelerate the growth of a cloud skills gap. As this new report spotlights, there is both a financial and innovation gap to be plugged here for businesses globally.”

What cloud skills are in demand?

A search on yields more than 25,000 positions unfilled in the US, looking for cloud skills. One of the major skills being AWS (Amazon Webs services) specific skills;  Moreover Jobs related to Microsoft Azure has risen 40% year over year according to Data taken from

To add to that cloud computing skills using opens source platforms such as Cloud Foundry are also in high demand. In-fact in 2016 the average salary for Technicians with Cloud Foundry Skills were $124,038.

All the above mentioned cloud platforms have their own certification programs you can look into, to boost your Career to the next level. Also stay tuned to the as we will be bringing cloud based tutorials and tips very soon.

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