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According to a recent study by Indeed, theres been a surge in the UK job market for professionals with Artificial Intelligence (Ai) skills.

The website assessed all its job postings for the past 3 years and demand for Ai and machine learning has almost tripled; furthermore the number of candidates looking for roles in the same field have doubled.

Roles in Ai and Machine language are higher paid than the average UK salary with jobs advertised on average £55,000 a year.

AI and Machine Learning are fields that are still growing and very Fascinating. For you, young up and coming professionals (also seasoned veterans) its definitely a field worth looking into, and as you can see its a well sort after skill.

According Tara Sinclair, economist and senior fellow at Indeed, the demand for such roles have outpaced that of the US, Canada and Australia. She says : “Britain’s reputation as a tech leader has made it a natural home for the booming AI sector, and the UK’s concentration of AI jobs has risen steadily – and now outstrips that in the other major English-speaking countries.”

The problem is, the UK is currently suffering from a widespread skills gap in technology generally, especially in specialist fields such as Ai.

Sinclair added “AI jobs are not for everyone as they require highly specialised skills… So it is essential that post-Brexit Britain retains the ability to attract the global talent it needs to keep its AI sector in pole position.”

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