You are here:EU Regulation has a law that gives agencies the power to shutdown websites.

The European Union (EU) voted in a new Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) regulation on Tuesday, November 14. This new Regulation has included in a very suspicious clause that gives consumer protection agencies the power to block and shutdown any websites without judicial oversight.

New law “establishes overreaching Internet blocking measures”…

Member of the European Parliament Julia Reda gave a speech in the European Parliament Plenary, and said about this new law how it “establishes overreaching Internet blocking measures that are neither proportionate nor suitable for the goal of protecting consumers and come without mandatory judicial oversight,”

Reda later adds in her personal blog “According to the new rules, national consumer protection authorities can order any unspecified third party to block access to websites without requiring judicial authorization,”

Reda has been making last ditch efforts to get that particular law amended, which is not a directive… It basically means EU member states are obliged to follow the regulation and carry it out when requested.

What about the Protection for the consumer?

The saddest thing about the CPC was its initial conception (2016) to provide a better protection for EU consumers, however in spring of this year (2017) a few amendments were made, which seemed to lessen the protection of the consumer e.g the mandatory consumer compensation, which forced any l traders who abused consumer protection laws to compensate unsatisfied EU consumers, has been amended so now its up to the traders discretion on whether compensation is due or not.

Funny enough the CPC still left in the power to shutdown or block websites. It also Gives agencies the right to obtain information about domains n owners from registrars and ISP.

Though in Theory this should give agencies to shutdown dodgy sites, its argued by privacy advocates that these things should still e done using the courts and Justice system. The noose seems so be tightening on a free and open

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