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Conscious IT Ltd Announces Launch of FlushPRF Software Which Allows Effortless Removal of User Profiles From Windows Machines



Many IT professionals have experienced the headaches that come along with deleting a user profile from a Windows machine, and the problems this can lead to.  Until recently, few ways have existed to get around these issues.  Conscious IT ITD have stepped up with an answer, FlushPRF software, which allows user profiles to be deleted from Windows machines without concerns.


January 27, 2016


It’s not uncommon for an IT person to be asked to remove a user profile from a Windows machine for any number of reasons, including things like employees leaving companies,
problems having software loading, security issues and much more.  Unfortunately, this job has never been an easy one, with removing user profiles often impacting other areas of the Windows machine in very unpredictable ways.  Recently, in good news for IT professionals, Conscious IT LTD has announced the release of their solution to this problem, FlushPRF.


FlushPRF is innovative and easy to use software that removes the user profile quickly, and without effort.
“We come from a background of being IT professional ourselves, and we believe IT professionals should have a suite of tools that they can use to make troubleshooting and daily tasks
easier,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “FlushPRF should be part of that toolkit.  It delivers huge value and solves a real, serious problem.  We are sure this is a product
choice that will exceed our customer’s expectations.”


According to Conscious IT Ltd, the software has a number of benefits along with its ability to delete user profiles.  Some highlights include:  Protecting Data by making sure a copy of the profile is saved in case needed for some reason in the future;  FlushPRF Operates Remotely, allowing IT workers to use the software to remove user profiles without having to leave their desk; and a Sleek UI design that is simple and easy to learn to use, without clutter.


Early users have given FlushPRF very positive feedback.


Karl W, from West London, recently said, “FlushPRF has become a very important part of our IT toolkit here.  Five stars and fully recommended.”


For more information be sure to visit http://consciousit.co.uk/flushprf/



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