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DaaS is a cloud based service in which the virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted on the cloud be a service provider.


Using a multi-tenancy architecture; which is a fancy way of saying a single instance of a software image, in this case the desktop (virtual machine) is served to multiple customers, also known as tenants. Each tenant is given the ability to customise their user, like the desktop wallpaper, or their default browser (as long as there are multiple browsers installed on the base image), but cannot change the underlying OS, like apply updates or install software.


All the responsibilities for the back-end are left with the service provider who manages the backup, patch updates, storage and security. All personal data for each customer is normally copied to and from the virtual desktop during logon and logoff. The customer would usually access the service via a device or a web browser.


All this, is provided on a subscription basis, with the extra benefit of adding new users to the subscription at a simple request. This service is very advantageous to small and medium sized companies who do not want to worry about all the extra grief that comes with running IT equipment like updates, and backup etc…


Currently Conscious IT is trialing DaaS with a few clients, to see how convenient and practical it is for them, before we roll it out as an official service. Watch this space.

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