You are here:, #TechNews #techblogger #ITnews #microsoft #windowsGoogle releasing “Buck up and Sync”, which backs up files on your computer

Google will be releasing their new App backup and synch on June 28th, making google drive a more robust tool. With this service, google will be able to monitor files on your local computer (which you point it to) and back them up accordingly. 
Though google advises business users to currently stick with the existing Google drive app for now. 

With that being said, all the files u backup will likely count to your 15gb storage limit.
So this is a great idea by google, instead of files living inside your Google drive, you can have them on your machine and know they are being safely backed up, a feature dropbox uses have been begging the company to get around to. 

And it will be interesting to see if google will let you edit the files on the drive (as long as they are a supported file type) and synch the changes back to the device. 

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