You are here:How Hackers used Deepfake to trick Energy Firm

Hackers were able to use commercially available voice generation AI to fake a the head of a Energy firm’s voice, and convinced his CEO to transfer $243,000 to a Hungarian bank account, before the company realised foul play was at work, the funds were transferred to Mexico and went missing.. 😵

All parties involved have not been disclosed, and seems a second attempt to transfer money by the Hackers was made, but was unsuccessful.

The Israel National cyber Directorate issued a warning back in july of “new type of cyber attack” that takes advantage of AI technology to impersonate senior enterprise executives, including instructing employees to perform transactions such as money transfers and other malicious activity on the network…

Well.. looks like that “new type of cyber attack” claimed its first victim

Things are getting real scary now, not only are there #deepfake videos where a persons face can be placed on another persons and look so believable (check the video below) but now someones voice is being faked so well, even people who know them are fooled!

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