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This morning when I walked into the Conscious IT Office, a crowd gathered around a small figure laying on the ground. He seemed to have passed out moments before I  had arrived. I asked the guys what had happened, and one of them simply pointed to a monitor.



Announcing SQL Server on Linux’ it read on the most recent entry on Microsoft’s blog. Ill be honest with you, My knees almost buckled, I had to support my self on the desk . You can hardly blame us. We can still remember the ‘Linux as a cancer’ comment made by Microsoft all those years ago.


But all jokes aside, this was a smart and inevitable by Microsoft. There are tonnes of Linux machines (physical and virtual) running in data canters across the globe, to add to that, the chances of them being replaced by a windows OS are next to none.


Additionally the writing has been on the wall for some time, lets think about it. Its recent purchase of Xamarin, the IOS and Android development platform (which I personally love), creating its own custom build of Linux and its own utilities for monitoring Linux servers. Its clear Microsoft does not feel quite the same way it used to about open source software.


Microsoft promises that SQL server will play nicely across both the windows and the Linux platforms, but we’ll wait and see about that, we are still trying to recover from skype on Linux (shudder).

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