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The professional Social network has unveiled AI based tools that can help users meet potential employers and prepare for the interveiw to follow

Due to the current 
”climate”, those looking for a new role are finding it a tad difficult to meet up witht their potential employers. LinkedIn is testing a feature it calls “video introductions”, where it aims for hiring managers to view potential employees video’s and should they be impressed, request a meeting with via webcam.

Anyone who has ever tried it can attest to how difficult it is to speak in front of a video camera and still come off professiona and confident, its defintely a skill.

So to help with that, LinkedIn have announced their AI powered tools, that can help a users practice their interview based questions infront of camera, and analyse the performance based on “pacing and how many times filler words are used, amongst other things.

The interview prepartion feedback is now available, and can be accessed as soon as you apply for a job on the social network

This is great news, its definately cool to be able to preactice your interview skils and get some usefull feedback.

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