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windows-7In January Microsoft said they would only offer software updates for “security, reliability, and compatibility” fixes for Windrows 7 on the intel i7 and i5 processors until july 2017, that basically meant if you weren’t using the new windows 10 Operating system on new Intel hardware by that point then you will be treated like a third class citizen.
No doubt this caused some uproar with IT departments through out the land; There are many Cooperations just getting around to pushing out windows 7 on their networks, with plans on running them for at least five years. We know, we have clients who are just pushing it out themselves.


After much ear bashing it seems Microsoft got the message and decided to change their decision, so now Microsoft is extending security-reliability-compatibility-only updates until July 2018, (yuh, thanks!) Though windows 7 support on all processors officially ends in January 2020.


So what does this all mean? Well,  should you wish to install Windows 7  on lovely new intel Skylake processor, you’ll find great difficulty doing things like, booting from a usb thumb stick as the OS will be missing support for the xHCIUSB controller, or Skylake hardware features, like its energy-efficient power controller.


There will be ways around these problems, which Conscious IT will post on soon, but you will need to be aware of this come the time. I could just see it now, IT Departments all over, having issues with their workstation deployments, it will be pandemonium!


…Ok slight exaggeration, but make sure you mark the dates down on your calendars and start planning for the coming change.

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