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EMET to be integrated in Windows 10A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it will be embedding its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit henceforth known as EMET into its windows operating system in Autumn 2018. This is rather confusing as they previously stated they were dropping support for it in July 2018.

However the company decided against this, after an outcry from security experts and the Windows community who all love using this utility and its features.

What does EMET do?

For those readers scratching their heads wondering whats so special about it, i’ll explain. It’s a standalone application introduced by Microsoft in 2009 that many users install on their windows OS to boost its security and defenses. It can be installed next to a third party anti-virus program, or in the case of some users, used as a standalone antivirus.

The security and windows community have made it loud and clear that they still need and use EMET and its features, thus Microsoft have decided to integrate it into windows 10. A fully integrated version of EMET on the OS was spotted in the wild mid-june on one of the windows 10 insiders build.


Microsoft admits it has been testing full EMET integration on windows insiders build however declined to confirm whether they would be releasing a full integrated version on the coming update in Autumn 2018

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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