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Quantum code.Microsoft announced that it is working on a language for quantum computers and tools in Visual Studio for developers to use quantum code.

Traditional computers represent information in the form of bits (0’s and 1’s). Quantum computers store information using quantum bits or qubits for short.

The challenge is that qubits are extremely sensitive. In fact, small disturbances can throw off the whole operation. Seeing these limitations, Microsoft wants to build a more stable qubit called topological qubit. The tech giant believes it is the most promising way to build quantum computers.

Nowadays, quantum computers are not practical: “Right now, quantum computing is in an early experimentation phase with systems that are relatively small — or like Microsoft’s, mainly useful for simulation experiments. I expect more practicable, useful systems to be available in two to three years.” – Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

To make them practical, we must find a way to control and read those qubits. A programming language could potentially do just that.

Quantum computers are promising and will impact many fields including weather, economic modeling, healthcare, encryption and so much more. Those computers will also impact the scientific landscape. For instance, they will enable simulations to be used to answer basic scientific questions. Many problems that would take a lifetime on today’s computer architectures to solve may be cracked in hours using a quantum machine.

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