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Right now gathering usage statistics in the office 365 admin web portal can be a tad difficult, and with Microsoft adding new applications regularly to office 365 its becoming a nightmare.  As backend support we need to determine which features users are consuming and how they are consuming it.


The Office 365 Admin Center is the web portal from which a support engineer can manage user accounts and settings for each of the Office 365 Online services to which they subscribe. Within the admin center, administrators can manage Dynamics CRM Online, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online.


Well it seems Microsoft has heard all our gripes, and has developed a new admin portal for Office 365.


The new admin page was released earlier this month in the United states and is due to be rolled out to the rest of the world by April 2016.


Conscious IT may be a small company based in West London, but we have partners and clients worldwide. We have been able to use the latest Dashboard for a couple of weeks now, and  I have to say, What a breath of fresh air.


It’s a clean and simple interface which also comes with pre-made Dashboards that make reporting and gathering statistics a doddle.  Also the interface aligns with other 365 applications, unlike the older one which felt like an afterthought;


As an administrator of Office 365 you need to be doing more than just adding and removing users to each service. A good admin is able to keep track of the activity taking place within Office 365. But more importantly, features that are not being utilised. With this information you are better armed with how to better allocate available resources, and even determine whether an application should be subscribed to.

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