A few years back saying Microsoft and Open Source in the same sentence would have been tantamount to blasphemy, unless perhaps it was “Microsoft hates the Open Source scene” or something of that ilk. A lot has changed in the last 5 or so years, and now Microsoft has the most open source projects out there beating even Google and Red Hat (7 and 6 open source projects respectively) with a staggering 24 projects.
The company boasts the largest number of projects in the top 500 open source project list of any organisation, having projects such as .Net Core, Typescript and Visual Code. Its been stated that over 60% of the contributions in said projects especially .Net Core, have come from the Open Source Community.
We can track this sudden U turn in Microsoft’s policy on Open source back to 2004 when they released the development toolset known as WIX, which was used to help streamline Windows installations using its set of tools, including a compiler, a linker, a lib tool and a decompiler. And then in 2012 the company started showing love to Linux by being the biggest contributor to its Kernel.
It was through this that Microsoft saw the Huge benefits of working with open source. We are now in an a period where Microsoft is openly working on trying to bring Linux Utilities natively to windows, under the NIX project, which will help sysadmin teams running linux on Azure or any cloud based platform easier management capabilities.

The future

Microsoft see’s how important the open source community and its ecosystem is, thats why it made major investments into the the Open Source scene, the company has even joined the Linux Foundation to show its commitment to windows and Linux playing nice, they’ve even moved windows Development to Github, all this love so the community pay it back 15,000 contributors to their GitHub repositories.

The Open Source communities future looks bright.

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