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A malicious Browser made to look like a modified version of the Tor Browser, has been targeting users who want to gain access to the Dark Web Market Place, to no doubt by illegal goods.
Discovered last week by bleeping, the application is distributed by videos on YouTube to non-technical users on how to gain access to the dark web market place.
The instructions on the video advise users to download what they call the Rodeo browser (which they claim is a modified version of the Tor browser, which it’s not… more on that later.) to access the dark web.
Built using .Net Framework
This mischievous browser was actually made using the .Net library and designed to resemble the Tor browser, however it definitely does not operate like the Browser or is as secure (its most likely running an embedded version of internet explorer )
Interesting enough, none of the buttons work on the browser besides a drop down menu , which loads the “Rodeo market place”
And here is where the dastardly plan gets comes into fruition! The browser connects you to a site, full of fake goods (not fully confirmed yet, but strongly advise you not use it), from guns to drugs where it uses BitCoin for its payment method. Of course after a payment is made, you are not likely to receive your purchase.
Users are required to register before any orders can be made, the worst part about it, is that the user accounts are stored on a ftp server in clear text format with no encryption (who would have thought…)
Long story short, this is a pretty ingenious scam to get money out of the least smartest of us, our advice stay away.

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