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“Shockwave Flash has crashed”: Resolution!

In the Conscious IT Office, we use the vSphere Web client heavily to manage our virtual infrastructure and our clients, so imagine how annoyed some of us were when we tried accessing it and were met with the following error “Shockwave Flash has crashed”. We were getting this in Google Chrome (our preferred and in many cases default browser) and Mozilla Firefox. After a little search on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, it

Demand for Cloud Skills Soar but Supply is low

The gap for cloud skills is growing within the IT Market. Many organisation are having a headache trying to find tech experts with the right skills for their cloud projects. Currently cloud based computer skills are the second biggest in demand in the job market, taking up to 24% of all Job listings according to a survey taken by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing firm. John Reed, senior executive director at the company says “Cloud projects are near

Former CEO blames IT Employee for Equifax Data Breach

Equifax is one the 3 biggest Credit Agencies in the United States, and hold a lot of its populations sensitive data, including Social security numbers and credit cards. In case you’ve been living under a rock there was a huge Equifax data breach where hackers took advantage of a vulnerability on their online platform, and with it had access to roughly 145 million people’s data  including date of birth, social security numbers and even credit

New Google Pixel Buds Features Realtime Translation

The Google Pixel Buds are wireless earphones intended for use with the new Pixel 2 handset. Once paired with the phone, you tap the right earpiece and issue a command to the Google Assistant. It can be commanded to play music, find your location, make a call etc. But what is really special about this device, you can ask it to help you translate a foreign language! So in the event that you want to

Deloitte one of the “Big 4 Accountancy firms” breached by hackers.

According to a UK newspaper the breach actually occurred November 2016 but was not detected until March 2017. Senior research scientist at Comodo Kenneth Geers is quoted as saying “In a hack of this scale, criminals or spies will continue to reap dividends years down the road,” An admin username and password to a global email server is like a digital Swiss Army knife to corporate and client secrets Geers added “The attack has gone

The Open-Source Community Are Calling For Open Source Flash

A petition has been started Github, requesting Adobe open source flash media player. This was launched a day after the company announced it would end support for the application in 2020. Juha Lindstedt who started the petition explains “Flash is an important piece of Internet history and killing Flash means future generations can’t access the past,” Many agree with him (including us) as his petition has already been signed by over 3000 people. Doing this

Net Neutrality: An Open Internet

A free and open internet is what everyone wants. No one wants the cable or phone companies messing with the speeds that is connecting us to websites, applications and content we choose. We expect to be in control of our internet experience. 👊👊👊 #Technews #techblogger #ITnews #technology #techWeek #Instatech #Digital #microsoft

Rodeo The Fake Tor Browser, Scamming Users On Fake Dark Web

A malicious Browser made to look like a modified version of the Tor Browser, has been targeting users who want to gain access to the Dark Web Market Place, to no doubt by illegal goods. Discovered last week by bleeping, the application is distributed by videos on YouTube to non-technical users on how to gain access to the dark web market place. The instructions on the video advise users to download what they call