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Microsoft To Embed EMET in windows 10

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it will be embedding its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit henceforth known as EMET into its windows operating system in Autumn 2018. This is rather confusing as they previously stated they were dropping support for it in July 2018. However the company decided against this, after an outcry from security experts and the Windows community who all love using this utility and its features. What does EMET do?

Hath hell frozon over…? SQL server on Linux?

This morning when I walked into the Conscious IT Office, a crowd gathered around a small figure laying on the ground. He seemed to have passed out moments before I  had arrived. I asked the guys what had happened, and one of them simply pointed to a monitor.     ‘Announcing SQL Server on Linux’ it read on the most recent entry on Microsoft’s blog. Ill be honest with you, My knees almost buckled, I had to support my self

Microsoft Overhauls Office 365 admin center, At last!

Right now gathering usage statistics in the office 365 admin web portal can be a tad difficult, and with Microsoft adding new applications regularly to office 365 its becoming a nightmare.  As backend support we need to determine which features users are consuming and how they are consuming it.   The Office 365 Admin Center is the web portal from which a support engineer can manage user accounts and settings for each of the Office

Microsoft changes its mind on windows 7 updates on new Intel CPU’s

In January Microsoft said they would only offer software updates for “security, reliability, and compatibility” fixes for Windrows 7 on the intel i7 and i5 processors until july 2017, that basically meant if you weren’t using the new windows 10 Operating system on new Intel hardware by that point then you will be treated like a third class citizen. No doubt this caused some uproar with IT departments through out the land; There are many Cooperations