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In the Latest Technews this week, we are asking why there’s so much considerably efforts in taking trying to take out the internet.  If you wanted to take down a network on the Internet, the easiest way its done, is with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack. This is attack is designed to prevent legitimate users from accessing a site. DDoS is basically when so much data is sent to a site that it’s overwhelmed. Hackers have been launching attacks like this for years to many sites including government and cooperate websites. Though there is a wide range of technologies devoted to DDoS defense, its largely a matter of bandwidth.

An Increase in Attacks

The past several years, hackers have been testing the defenses of companies that run critical sections of the world wide web. These attacks are very calibrated and seem to be designed to determine exactly how well these companies can defend themselves. It’s been suspected certain rogue nations are the ones behind said attacks.

Verisign is the registrar company for many top-level Internet domains, like .com and .net. If it was to go down, there would be a global blackout of all websites and e-mail addresses for most if not all the popular domains mentioned earlier. Every quarter, Verisign publishes a Tech news report on DDoS trends, and it recent report commented “in Q2 2016, attacks continued to become more frequent, persistent, and complex.”

Furthermore many security analysts have said that a variety of probing attacks in addition to the DDoS attacks, have been testing the ability to manipulate Internet addresses and routes, seeing how quickly defenders respond to those changes. Hackers are out there right now extensively testing the core defensive capabilities of the companies that provide critical Internet services.

So the question on security analysts lips (and I’m guessing yours) is who would do this? It seems rather doubtful that its a small time hacker or an activist or even criminal. Normally this type of profiling core infrastructure is common practice in espionage and intelligence gathering. Furthermore, the size and scale of these attacks and their persistence points to state actors, like a nation’s military

War has taken on a different face in today’s day and age. Its not just men rushing at each other with swords and guns anymore, but computer geeks with powerful laptops and tablet devices causing havoc in world wide  web.

Can you imagine having no internet?

Technews: Internet down, what to do?
In the Latest Technews this week, we are asking why there’s so much considerably efforts in taking trying to take out the internet.

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