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Google develops Technique Retpoline to Fix Spectre with no Slow Down to CPU’s

Google Introduces Retpoline Off the back of the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerability that has shaken the entire IT industry, it turns out an engineer over at Google has developed a solution called Retpoline Created by a Google software engineer Paul Turner, The solution is “a novel software binary modification technique that prevents branch-target-injection” Well… that explains it..! In short, Retpoline resolves the performance hit the previous fix introduced. What’s even better is Google has been

A vulnerability has been discovered that affect all Intel, AMD and ARM processors

A This vulnerability that allegedly affects all Intel, AMD and ARM processors will have a major impact on chips going forward. All Operating Systems that operate on these processors (practically everything, including cell phone OS) will require the patch. The crux of the problem is that the update has been said to slow down chips by as much as 30 percent (ouch!). To add more fuel to the fire experts say the bug is a design

Apple offers discounted battery replacement for a year

“We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down,” says the company. “We apologize.” The company is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 or older, battery replacements (for $29 normally $50) starting in late January to December 2018. The company considers batteries as “consumable components”, and promise to add features that will give more information to users about the battery and the state its in. The irony of it, is when the

Google could owe us “Several hundred pounds” in mass legal action

The corporation is in trouble again and being taken to court with the accusation of collecting personal data of millions of users in the UK The case is based on the allegation that Google has collected over 5.4 million UK users by bypassing privacy settings on their iPhones. The lawsuit is led by ex-Which director, Richard Lloyd and his group aptly named “Google You Owe Us” (you couldn’t make this up). In his estimates, Google

Study shows Mobile Skills are most in demand in the IT Job Market

Tech Cities Job Watch report shows demand for IT staff with mobile skills went up by 39 percent in the past year, out doing web development, which was the previous number one. The report shows that contractor roles have also risen by 26 per cent for the same skill set. However the study also shows despite the increase in the job market, salary and day rates have not increased much and only grew by 1%

EU Regulation has a law that gives agencies the power to shutdown websites.

The European Union (EU) voted in a new Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) regulation on Tuesday, November 14. This new Regulation has included in a very suspicious clause that gives consumer protection agencies the power to block and shutdown any websites without judicial oversight. New law “establishes overreaching Internet blocking measures”… Member of the European Parliament Julia Reda gave a speech in the European Parliament Plenary, and said about this new law how it “establishes overreaching

Snoopy now teaching you how to code?

so it turns out our favorite dog has had enough of lying on his doghouse looking up in the sky, he now wants to teach your kids how to code.. As part of the upcoming and coming Computer Science Education Week (Dec 4th – 10th), codeSpark Academy and the Peanuts brand have come together to create Snoopy’s Snow Brawl, a multiplayer coding game that teaches children, strategy, and algorithms and improves on their problem-solving skills.

“Shockwave Flash has crashed”: Resolution!

In the Conscious IT Office, we use the vSphere Web client heavily to manage our virtual infrastructure and our clients, so imagine how annoyed some of us were when we tried accessing it and were met with the following error “Shockwave Flash has crashed”. We were getting this in Google Chrome (our preferred and in many cases default browser) and Mozilla Firefox. After a little search on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, it

Demand for Cloud Skills Soar but Supply is low

The gap for cloud skills is growing within the IT Market. Many organisation are having a headache trying to find tech experts with the right skills for their cloud projects. Currently cloud based computer skills are the second biggest in demand in the job market, taking up to 24% of all Job listings according to a survey taken by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing firm. John Reed, senior executive director at the company says “Cloud projects are near

Microsoft is inventing a language for quantum computers

Microsoft announced that it is working on a language for quantum computers and tools in Visual Studio for developers to use quantum code. Traditional computers represent information in the form of bits (0's and 1's). Quantum computers store information using quantum bits or qubits for short. The challenge is that qubits are extremely sensitive. In fact, small disturbances can throw off the whole operation. Seeing these limitations, Microsoft wants to build a more stable qubit