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That sounds a little creepy… let me give you a little context 🤣

TFL wants to understand how commuters move through its network and send targeted information so they can avoid congestion and delays to their travels. It aims to do this via tracking the WiFi signals on commuters phones

Data is collected as smart phones move pass WiFi transmitters at each station, allowing a map to be built of how each commuter travels and the combination of tube lines they use to get to their destination. Right now TFL only has data via oyster-cards and other contactless payment options.

Since the delay of the Cross Rail project TFL has faced some major budget constraints, so its hoping this initiative can also bring some commercial benefits as-well

Lauren Sager Weinstein, TfL’s chief data officer, said she was “mindful of the responsibility” that comes with the new tracking ability. “Transparency, privacy and ethics need to be at the forefront of data work in society and we recognise the trust that our customers place in us,” she said.

Check out what Linkedin user Himanshu Nautiyal had to say on the subject

We couldn’t agree more, TFL should take this as an opportunity to benefit the consumer with convenience…

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