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Shockwave Flash has crashed

In the Conscious IT Office, we use the vSphere Web client heavily to manage our virtual infrastructure and our clients, so imagine how annoyed some of us were when we tried accessing it and were met with the following error “Shockwave Flash has crashed”.

We were getting this in Google Chrome (our preferred and in many cases default browser) and Mozilla Firefox.

After a little search on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, it seemed many other tech heads were facing the same problem. It stems from a vulnerability in Flash that had to be eliminated.



Google (and Mozilla) silently updated their browser with the new version of Flash that fixed the vulnerability, but at the same time blocking all older versions of Flash player which our beloved vSphere web client works on.

“Shockwave Flash has crashed” Fixed

Some people are reporting installing an older version of Flash resolved the issue. We would strongly recommend you DO NOT DO THAT, as the latest version resolves a major 0-day security vulnerability.

 Adobe has since released a beta version of Flash which includes the security fix and also resolves the vSphere client issue for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. I can confirm vSphere is playing nice again, so other web applications facing the same issue should as well. You can download the latest version here, though in some cases you will have to uninstall the current version you have running on your system

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