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AmazonWebservices_Logo.svgAmazon Web Services (AWS) was released in 2006, it gives companies the opportunity to rent computing resources which run on a planet wide network. You could rent a server on AWS to configure and secure like you would a real world physical server, but the beauty of this service is  you only pay for the virtual server  while it runs… And without the costs of maintenance.


An additional plus is your server can do things a physical server can’t do, such as automatically scaling into multiple servers when demand for your service/application increases.


Initially Amazon successfully advertised its service as way for start-ups to get their idea up and running quick and efficiently. In fact one of the most popular web services, Dropbox used the AWS to run their platform until recently.  Well, it seems that marketing has started to convince a wide range of Enterprises to start running  more of their IT operations in the cloud and with great success.


Gavin Jackson, AWS managing director for UK and Ireland recently said “What we have seen over the past decade, and will continue to see into the next, is the rise of these very large, internet-scale companies – such as Netflix, which has over 42 billion hours of content available to users at any given time via the cloud, These types of firms will continue to disrupt established companies over time, and what they are doing in response is using cloud to harden themselves to this disruption by becoming more agile.”


We at Conscious IT have noticed a rise in IT Job listings, asking for experience with AWS and cloud technology in general, so as  IT professionals it would be beneficial to get acquainted with the platform and its services. IT Operations are in the middle (actually beyond that!) of a paradigm shift to cloud based storage and services, which in no doubt will shake up the IT Job Industry.


So our advise? Stay ahead of the curve by becoming better a equipped for the changes taking place. Amazon has a free tier of AWS which we would recommend you checking out and playing around with. You never know, you may even come up with the next billion dollar idea that this excellent service will help you realise. will be posting tutorials and guides on Amazon web services in the near future, keep posted.

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