Create Resume From LinkedIn – Rezi Extension

How do you create a Resume from LinkedIn? A short while ago we reviewed Rezi, the AI-assisted resume and cover letter solution that takes writing a resume to the next level. If you haven’t read that yet you can check it out here.

But while the service was great on its own a question keeps popping up in our minds and to be fair a lot of fellow Rezi users have made mention of this. 

The question is, “can’t I just import my LinkedIn profile into Rezi and start from there”? Obviously, this would save time and stop us from having to type the whole list of things that make up our professional history again within Rezi. The company seems to have heard this and answered their users with a very easy to use Google Chrome extension called “Linkedin to Resume”

What this cool little extension does is allow users to save their LinkedIn profile as an encrypted “.rezi” file. This then makes it easy for the Rezi service to import it into the system while making it readable by the application.

Writing a professional ATS compatible resume within Rezi was already a painless experience but this extension makes the whole process take even less time. Plus the extension is free and only requires a free Rezi account to use the exported “.rezi” file.

A Company That Cares

According to the Rezi development team, one of the motives behind the creation of this extension wasn’t just to extend the functionality of the Rezi service but also to help those that lost their jobs or are seeking employment as a result of the global pandemic, to be able to quickly get out a good resume as they navigate the job market

Side note: It’s great to see what such a company can do and create in an effort to help their fellow man. So the Rezi development team do have our gratitude for this awesome extension. 

Multi Resume Ease

There is also an unexpected benefit that wasn’t immediately apparent when using this extension. We found that when updating your LinkedIn profile, again all that required is a few clicks to create a new “.rezi” file which can then be imported back into the Rezi service.

This might not seem like much but the little convenience allows you to update and recreate your resume much faster and only edit it once within LinkedIn, while Rezi takes care of the rest. 

Imagine you are like me that has multiple resumes for various positions and you just added some content to your LinkedIn profile. It would be a hassle to update them all one after the other but this gives a simple solution to that. 

In conclusion, LinkedIn to Resume is an extension we would easily recommend to anyone that wanted to create a professional-looking Resume using the Rezi software while wanting to easily import their information from LinkedIn without the stress or hassle of typing it all out.