Leveraging Professional Resume Services

In this article we are going to do our best to explain the need for professional written resume services, and the importance they offer to the job seeker and also the employer. In recent times there has been a mass release of workers into the unemployment list and this means there are far more people out of work or seeking jobs than there were in previous years. But as various economies are recovering and life seems to be heading back into what we can consider normal, jobs and the need for skilled workers are starting to see increments. 

Professional resume services: unemployed man looking for a job
In this photo taken Thursday, June 4, 2020, a customer walks out of a U.S. Post Office branch and under a banner advertising a job opening, in Seattle.

But be that as it may, you have a large number of job seekers vying for every available spot. It’s not going to be easy for Person A to stand out in a sea of equally qualified people. In most cases, the number of applications for available positions leaves the recruiters spoiled for choice. 

How Corporations Are Dealing With The High Volume Of Candidates

To combat this large influx, most have resorted to using Artificial intelligence in the form of Hiring systems which look for specific keywords and phrases that allow them to trim down this large volume into something manageable while looking out for potential talent.

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Obviously, this means that if you are one of those that doesn’t put much thought into your resume and cover letter, such algorithms are going to drop you like a hot potato. The playing field has become so polarized that simple errors that could previously be ignored such as using abbreviations for your University, or having a simple one-pager as will only lead to one outcome now… 

Are The Details On Your Linked In Enough?

Most users of LinkedIn use the built-in feature that allows them to save their profile and use that as a resume. While this is a good place to start it’s not going to meet the mark for most employers. Plus you will quickly realize that while this method captures the essentials from your profile, that’s as far as it goes. It only gives a watered-down version of who you are and what you can do.

Now the question becomes, what do you do? How do you make your resume and cover letter stand out? How do you beat those hiring systems and get your resume in front of a real person and be seriously considered for that desired position? 

Leveraging Professional Written Resume

The first step is to take the resume writing process seriously. Tackle it as you would another important milestone. Next, you need to either take the time to learn how a professional resume is written – take a look online and see what companies look for in a resume – or an alternative solution to consider professional resume services that can create for you a professional resume and cover letter. 

For a majority of people, the second option would be a far easier and a time-saving option as it would allow them to get their portfolio out to recruiters faster. But going this route has its own disadvantages. One of which is that finding a good service isn’t so easy. Most that offer you free resume services will ask for payment once you wish to download or save your resume. Others come at a price tag that might not make sense for a one time use. 

However, there are some great ones out there, one of which being Rezi, which you can read about here. It starts free with the ability to download your resume, plus with their chrome extension, you can import your LinkedIn profile easily. 

At the end of the day here is what you should take away from this article. The job market is flooded and you are one of many. In order to become “The One”, you are going to need to take an extra step forward by having a professional resume and cover letter to act as your entry ticket. So go the extra mile and create something that demands a second look.