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Working with Conscious IT has been a great experience. I strongly recommend these guys for their awesome services and support. Ricki Gardener, Revo Seccus


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Latest Tech News This Week

Straight from our blog, the latest technology articles and trends
May 24, 2017

560 million login credentials found on “Leaky” Database

A huge amount (560 million) of login credentials have been exposed by an insecure online database, most of which were stolen from popular online platforms, during previous data breaches. The database, was first discovered by the Kromtech Security center and still remains in an un-secured state, and is very much accessible as of the time of writing this article. One of the researchers at the facility Bob Diachenko reported to that the  database contained over 

May 19, 2017

Highly Skilled Professionals Could Soon be Replaced By Computers

Gartner suggests that highly skilled jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence as soon as 2022. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used to replace low skilled workers and perform menial repetitive tasks, but it could soon go on to perform the jobs of highly skilled people such as those in law, IT, and medicine within five years. Software robots are already displacing thousands of people on the job market by completing repetitive tasks. This

April 7, 2017

IR35 Reforms to Impair Innovation:

Contractors Believe IR35 Reforms Will Impair Public Sector Innovation and Competitiveness The IR35 anti-tax avoidance reforms will be introduced soon, and new research is warning that they could damage the competitiveness of the public sector, as well as its ability to secure IT talent. Harvey Nash Recruitment surveyed 269 contractors; 82% of whom said they fear that the changes could affect the competitiveness of the public sector in the UK, while 64% were concerned about

March 21, 2017

Technews this week: Who is trying to take the Internet Down?

In the Latest Technews this week, we are asking why there’s so much considerably efforts in taking trying to take out the internet.  If you wanted to take down a network on the Internet, the easiest way its done, is with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack. This is attack is designed to prevent legitimate users from accessing a site. DDoS is basically when so much data is sent to a site that it’s overwhelmed. Hackers have

February 22, 2017

HyperConverged systems

A Hyper-Converged system is software driven infrastructure that tightly couples compute, storage networking and virtualisation, along with many other technologies under one shell.   This concept was born out of the converged infrastructure, where a vendor provides a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software under a single chassis. The intended goal was to minimise compatibility issues and simplify management. But if it was required the technology held in this in converged infrastructure could be separated

April 13, 2016

Getting to grips with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS is a cloud based service in which the virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted on the cloud be a service provider.   Using a multi-tenancy architecture; which is a fancy way of saying a single instance of a software image, in this case the desktop (virtual machine) is served to multiple customers, also known as tenants. Each tenant is given the ability to customise their user, like the desktop wallpaper, or their default browser (as

April 12, 2016

Containers… Docker… What’s all the fuss about?

No Doubt you’ve heard many of the major companies offering cloud based services, going crazy and throwing around buzz words like Docker, CoreOS or Containers; in fact Microsoft has announced it will be integrating containers in their upcoming Operating System, Windows server 2016. Indeed containers really have become the hot topic of discussion recently.   But what exactly are containers and why should you care?   I’ll attempt to answer this questions within this post; we’ll explore the basic concepts of

April 6, 2016

Hath hell frozon over…? SQL server on Linux?

This morning when I walked into the Conscious IT Office, a crowd gathered around a small figure laying on the ground. He seemed to have passed out moments before I  had arrived. I asked the guys what had happened, and one of them simply pointed to a monitor.     ‘Announcing SQL Server on Linux’ it read on the most recent entry on Microsoft’s blog. Ill be honest with you, My knees almost buckled, I had to support my self

April 5, 2016

Citrix launch secure browser product family

Citrix feel they have found a simple yet effective way for I.T companies to securely deliver web and SaaS (software as a service) applications to any current browser.   While browser based applications have been going strong in the enterprise, they also come with their own set of complications. For instance, organisations still use web apps which were custom developed and made only for Internet Explorer, rendering their use unreliable for other browsers. Also these modern

March 30, 2016

Getting Rid of that annoying Windows 10 update reminder for good!

Seriously Microsoft, some of us are happy with our machines the way they are. Plenty of windows 7 and 8 users world wide are being plagued by the windows 10 reminders that pop up every time they turn on their machines. It almost feels like it’s not even a choice anymore. The worst is there have been reports of windows 10 automatically installing without any authorization.   For those of you who don’t know (where have you