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Latest Tech News From Conscious IT

Straight from our blog, the latest tech articles and trends
August 21, 2017

Google Researchers Create Algorithm That Removes Watermarks From Stock Photos

The Google researchers uncovered the vulnerability for all stock photos.. check out their algorithm

August 14, 2017

The Open-Source Community Are Calling For Open Source Flash

A petition has been started Github, requesting Adobe open source flash media player. This was launched a day after the company announced it would end support for the application in 2020. Juha Lindstedt who started the petition explains “Flash is an important piece of Internet history and killing Flash means future generations can’t access the past,” Many agree with him (including us) as his petition has already been signed by over 3000 people. Doing this

July 18, 2017

Net Neutrality: An Open Internet

A free and open internet is what everyone wants. No one wants the cable or phone companies messing with the speeds that is connecting us to websites, applications and content we choose. We expect to be in control of our internet experience. 👊👊👊 #Technews #techblogger #ITnews #technology #techWeek #Instatech #Digital #microsoft

July 17, 2017

Microsoft Developing An App That Uses AI To Describe Your Environment. A “Seeing AI”

Microsoft is releasing an AI app that can describe the environment around you including people text, and objects. This will be for the visually impaired community, but for now will only be available in the US.

July 13, 2017

Rodeo The Fake Tor Browser, Scamming Users On Fake Dark Web

A malicious Browser made to look like a modified version of the Tor Browser, has been targeting users who want to gain access to the Dark Web Market Place, to no doubt by illegal goods. Discovered last week by bleeping, the application is distributed by videos on YouTube to non-technical users on how to gain access to the dark web market place. The instructions on the video advise users to download what they call

July 6, 2017

Windows 10 Timeline Feature not in Autumn Update

The company announced its Windows 10 Timeline Feature will not be in upcoming Autumn creators update, however they do plan of having it featured in the early insiders build shortly after. What is the Windows 10 Timeline Feature? It effectively lets you resume using apps on other devices including IOS and Android, so a user can move around more and still work efficiently. The Timeline View has been added to the windows Task view, and

June 30, 2017

This Week In Technews 30/06/2017

A Compilation of this weeks news..

June 29, 2017

Campaign to Challenge IR35 reforms launched

All IT Contractors in the Public sector are being urged to support a crowd-funded campaign to challenge the IR35 reforms introduced by HMRC earlier this year. Contractors have been speaking out about their displeasure on how public sector organisations have interpreted the new IR35 regulations. The campaign has been started by Mike Gibson an IT consultant and entrepreneur Andrew Merritt-Morling who believe these reforms are unfair to It contractors. Gibson says “There are unquestionably people

June 29, 2017

Microsoft To Embed EMET in windows 10

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it will be embedding its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit henceforth known as EMET into its windows operating system in Autumn 2018. This is rather confusing as they previously stated they were dropping support for it in July 2018. However the company decided against this, after an outcry from security experts and the Windows community who all love using this utility and its features. What does EMET do?

June 26, 2017

Microsoft showing lots of love to Open Source 

A few years back saying Microsoft and Open Source in the same sentence would have been tantamount to blasphemy, unless perhaps it was “Microsoft hates the Open Source scene” or something of that ilk. A lot has changed in the last 5 or so years, and now Microsoft has the most open source projects out there beating even Google and Red Hat (7 and 6 open source projects respectively) with a staggering 24 projects. The

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