LinkedIn Launches Video Intro and AI Powered Interview Feedback

The hiring processes of companies all around are changing and LinkedIn, the well known social platform focused on professional networking is determined to keep up with the times.

The social network for career developments has announced the release of a couple of tools that will help hiring managers optimize their processes and job seekers enhance their skills.

How has the hiring practice changed?

LinkedIn itself has brought a change in the way companies hire their staff: today the majority of the interview process has moved online. There’s software today that screen hundreds of resumes and narrow them down to a couple dozen for the hiring manager to read This means that for a job seeker today it is more difficult to get an interview.

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Also, more and more companies today require a Video Introduction. The times in which you had to provide a letter and a resume to indicate your skills and interests are over. Today, companies require you to introduce yourself and talk about your skills in a video.

LinkedIn reports,  92% of talent professionals claim that soft skills are equally, or even more important to hire for than hard skills. Video Intro gives employers the possibility to evaluate candidates soft skills in a more efficient way and – therefore – facilitate the hiring process.

LinkedIn Video Intro

Interviews are extremely valuable, but they also require a lot of time and energy. Video introductions offer the chance of make an idea of the candidates’ personality, motivation, and soft skills, making the entire hiring process more efficient.

For the reasons described above LinkedIn is now globally testing a new Video Intro feature.

How does it work?

Companies and hiring managers invite candidates and job seekers to answer up to two questions. The questions are chosen from a list of questions, which include “Describe your most challenging project,” or “Describe yourself”. Candidates can choose whether to answer with a recorded video or type a written response.

The Video Intro feature is aimed at helping candidates boost their confidence and avoid the added pressure. LinkedIn has made the feature optional and is giving candidates the chance of recording video introductions as many times as they want before submitting it.

Also, LinkedIn is offering tools to enhance the candidates’ interview preparation: an AI-powered tool has been released and it helps job seekers practicing and provides feedback on their interview answers.

AI-powered Interview Feedback Tool

One of the aspects that makes job interviews challenging for candidates is due to a lack of confidence: you can be most confident person in the world, but when there’s the job of your dreams at stake, you suddenly find yourself unable to talk.

This is nothing that practice can’t improve, but how to practice job interviews? LinkedIn is offering the perfect solution: an AI-powered tool that provides feedback on your recorded answers.

How does it work?

The tool gives you access to content on how to answer the most common interview questions, drawn up by top experts and hiring managers.

Once you’ve watched and read the provided material, you can record your answers to the common questions. Then, the AI-powered tool will analyse and provide detailed feedback. Not only do you get a score, but you will also get important feedback about your performance. including :

  • Pacing
  • Rhythm
  • Sensitive phrases to avoid,
  • how many times you used filler words.

With this feedback, you have the chance to practice and improve.

The Video Intro and AI-powered Feedback tools work together nicely, improving your chances to land a roll. LinkedIn is making the hiring processes easier for companies and hiring managers; furthermore giving candidates an extraordinary resource to practice their interview and video introductions.

As it has always been in the course of its history, LinkedIn’s main concern is still connecting the right candidates with the right companies: this is how the platform keeps on being a great resource for both hirers and job seekers.

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