Resume builder: Use AI to Help You Create Your Resume

Should you consider using an online Resume Builder? If you are anything like me , you hate writing your resume. Personally i feel resume’s are poor way to show how talented an individual really is, or whether they are a good fit for a company. However this is something we have to deal with until Elon Musk, Jeff Bezo’s or any other business genius comes up with a better solution.

But writing a resume has become a very convoluted process now. Its not enough to place your information in the proper order anymore, in fact doing so could likely see your resume ignored.

Automated systems

Most companies now use Application tracking software (ATS), which is able to scan through thousands of Resumes daily and ignore the ones that doesn’t fit its criteria..

That’s right, before a human even see’s your resume a computer decides whether its good enough. Powerful platforms such as LinkedIn are already using AI technologies in the job interview process.

So the question becomes, how do you write a killer resume; one that stands out from the large volumes employers have to sift through? and also make it through the ATS barrier?

Rezi, The AI Powered Resume Builder: There’s a new hero in town

AI Resume Builder: is a solution targetted at those that wish to create professional-looking Resumes that showcases your high points and present your credentials in an organized manner with the use of AI technology.

It optimizes your resume such that it can pass the processes and criteria set by Hiring systems. This takes the stress and complexity out of creating resumes that get into the hands of actual humans in the hiring process plus gives you more than a fair shot of landing your desired job.

Rezi is an award winning platform, trusted by thousands of Job seekers, many of whom target top tech companies.

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How to Create Resume in Rezi Resume Builder

Now that we are a bit more acquainted with what is, we can get started in creating a resume.

You can sign up to Rezi for free, just go to the homepage and click the get started button.

Rezi gives you the option for a quick sign up, using your Facebook or Google account. Otherwise you can sign up using you email address

  1. For new users, there are two ways of getting started with the Resume Builder, you can create a blank resume and fill out the details or use a template. I’d advise using a template as this would not only show you the various options for various fields but also gives you a better understanding of what each field represents.

For this tutorial, we are going to be selecting the Digital Marketing template. You need to select the “Sample Template” from the left side menu and then pick your industry from the center top menu. In this instance, we are going to the “Marketing” menu. We can then select the Digital Marketing resume and once its highlighted, we process by selecting the “Use this Template” button.

  1. Once the template has populated the various fields, we can get down to editing. First we come to the “Contact” Section. What we need to fill in here is our basic contact information. Try and modify all fields to match yours and delete those that you don’t need. But the information you need to fill here is pretty basic so it easy o fill out all the fields.

Once you are happy with the content you can move on to the next step by simply clicking on the “Save basic Info” button at the bottom. 

Quick Note: Moving to the next section in the Resume Builder is just a matter of clicking on the big blue button at the bottom of each section but you can use the top menu to navigate back to a previous section or skip between section as needed.

  1. We now arrive at the Summary section. There is only one entry field here and it’s intended for you to write a summary about yourself. It would be wise to stick to a professional summary here (Obviously).

You don’t have to worry about using the right words just yet, you can come back edit this section. It might be a good idea to take a look at other Professional Summaries only for inspiration if the one available on the template isn’t to your taste. Once you are happy with it you can move on to the next step

  1. This is where we add our work experience. These are all the jobs we’ve held over the years. This section is a bit different from the previous ones. Here you will notice a tab on the mid-left side section labeled “Your Experience”. Once you fill out the requested fields you can add it to this Tab and proceed to fill in the more of your job experience. You can add as many as you require here and edit the ones already present. Make sure to do it till it matches our working history. 

Quick note: At this point, I’m sure you have noticed the video box with the guy just above the “Your Experience” Tab. He is there to give a quick explanation about the section and what you need to do. Feel free to ignore it but its a quick way to find out about what each section does. You will be seeing him in most sections from here on.

  1. Once you’ve finished adding all your work history the next step is to move on to education . We will follow the same steps as we used in the previous section where we added each School attended with its details to the corresponding tab until we build up a full listing of our past studies and institutions attended.

  1. Once done we can move on to the next section which details our certifications. Just as we have done with the last two sections, we fill out the required details on each Certification and add it to the “Your Certification” tab until we have built up a full listing of our certifications.

  1. We should be looking good at this point and can face the next step in our resume builder which is adding our “Course Work”. These are individual courses that you might have taken at your school/university or online to expand your skillset such as the ones done on “Udemy”, “Skillshare” or “Coursera”.

This section can be skipped if you choose to but every little bit helps and its never a bad idea to showcase what you have done.

  1. Now we move on to the next step, which is adding in all our previous Projects we were involved with. These include any project we have worked on, volunteer work, and community service we are part of. 

  1. The next section is super easy, all we have to do is list out whatever skills we have once at a time till we have all our skill sets covered.

Once we are done, we can move on to finishing our resume.

  1. This is where most of the heavy lifting is done. Once you get to the Finishing Up section, you can see what your final resume looks like. Feel free to go back to any of the sections to amend or add entries as needed. But here is where we see the power of the AI system comes to work.

If you look at the top of the Page you will see your Rezi score. The aim is to get you score as close to 100 as possible.

Click on the Explore my Rezi score button so we can see a break down your score. You will notice the score is based on 5 categories (which also needs to be as close to 100 as possible as well)

Quick Note: Though Rezi is free to use to create your Resume, in order to take advantage of the AI service to optimize and tailor your resume to a Job, you will be required to opt in for the Basic, Plus or Pro package. It is at a reasonable price so it is more than worth a look at. I would recommend the Plus package which give you the ability to create and store multiple resumes.

  1. Once you signed up to one of the paid services. You can use Rezi’s AI to help you improve your initial resume. It will make suggestions on how you can improve each section. Follow its instructions until you get your Rezi score over 90. I was able to take mine to 96

Tailor your Resume to a Job Description

Once you’ve created you first draft of your resume. We can then use rezi’s AI to tailor it to a Job Description. And, based on the job description provided; it will identify all the important keywords that are missing in your resume, that are relevant to the hiring systems utilized by companies. Rezi’s AI, has already been brilliant, helping our resume shine, but here is where we see the real power of the AI system at work.

  1. We need to look at the right-mid segment of the page and locate the “A.I. KEYWORD TARGETING” tab and copy and paste in the job title and description we are trying to apply for. This allies Rezi to insert skillfully keywords into your resume. Hence allowing you to bypass those dreaded Application tracking systems.

  1. Once you have completed adding the appropriate keywords in you resume. Check you final Rezi score. If you haven’t got over 90, use the A.I. feedback to help you improve your Resume.

You can save your resume to PDF or Microsoft Word or directly to Google Drive, which is a big plus in our book.

Can’t I just import my LinkedIn profile into Rezi?

Obviously, this would save time and stop us from having to type the whole list of things that make up our professional history again within Rezi. The company seems to have heard this and answered their users with a very easy to use Google Chrome extension.

What this cool little extension does is allow users to save their LinkedIn profile as an encrypted “.rezi” file. This then makes it easy for the Rezi service to import it into the system while making it readable by the application. Writing a professional ATS compatible resume within Rezi was already a painless experience but this extension makes the whole process take even less time.

There is also an unexpected benefit that wasn’t immediately apparent when using this extension. We found that when updating your LinkedIn profile, again all that required is a few clicks to create a new “.rezi” file which can then be imported back into the Rezi service. This might not seem like much but the little convenience allows you to update and recreate your resume much faster and only edit it once within LinkedIn, while Rezi takes care of the rest.


This brings us to our favourite thing about the service. Being able to write multiple resumes and cover letters. At first, you might not think much of this, but what happens if you wish to target multiple employers, industries or position. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Rezi allows you to customize your resumes and cover letters to match each of these and more. Plus this at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Rezi Basic

With this package, you are billed $3 per month, and has a free trial. So If you are not 100% certain that this software can work for you, you can access it for free, see the templates and tools available, and decide whether or not to subscribe to the service.

With this extremely cheap package, you can create your resume using templates and export it in any of the available formats. You can also opt for a quarterly subscription that could save you some money: it costs $8 for four months, instead of $12.

Rezi Plus

With this package, you get access to additional assistance for building and reviewing your resume. It costs $9 per month and you can ask for 1 resume review per month. Theres also a quarterly subscription available saving you over $10

o if you want that edge over the thousands of other resumes and get a professional-looking resume, you should take the time out to have a look at resume builder.

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