No Appreciation! IT Professional’s views on their fellow office workers

Jobsite is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the critical role IT workers play within an organisation, a spokeswoman was quoted as saying  “By educating the average office worker to the range of skills that IT departments bring to the table, we hope to help IT be viewed with greater prestige,”

According to their study of a 2000 IT and Non-IT professionals titled “You just don’t get IT”, Jobsite found 67% of IT Workers did not feel appreciated and believed their fellow office workers had no understanding to the complexity of work they did; In fact it was hilighted that most of the time thier work is noticed is when something has gone wrong.

What frustrates things even further is that 87% non-IT workers who have admitted they have no clue how to do any troubleshooting to resolve basic IT Issues, judge IT staff; In fact  51% of them believe IT staff work slower than them, thus causing frustration between Non IT departments and the Helpdesk.

A big part of the problem is not fully comprehending what IT staff actually do, and due to the nature of the role, IT staff feel their best work goes un-noticed. This can lead to IT departments being less efficient, and undervalued, which can and will impact an organisation as a whole.

Job site have launched a video along with its campaign, check it out below.