LinkedIn Launches New Platform To Help Members find Alternative Jobs

During the pandemic many people have lost their Jobs, and with new Lockdown regulation introduced this coming week, looking for a job has never been so difficult. Linked in wants to help.

The social network has announced its releasing a new tool, Career Explorer; which is now available worldwide in English, on a beta release.

The Career Explorer tool’s function is to help show it LinkedIn users alternative Jobs they may have not considered, but match their skill set. It will then advise on any additional skills members need to add to their repertoire to qualify for the roll. 

The tool also locates any contacts who can act as a warm introduction for the user.

Future updates to accommodate more people

LinkedIn promises to add more languages, updates and will let recruitment officers post jobs on the network for free in the next coming months, to encourage and invigorate its users with more job opportunities.

A while back the social network released virtual tools for interview preparation, and now has updated the service so, it can mesh nicely with the Career explorer tool. The goal of the tool is to help members answer Frequently Asked questions and improve their interview skills

The platform is favouring tech related jobs as an alternative career to job seekers, identifying any digital skills the members have, and can fit nicely into a potential roll. It introduces subtle UI differences which indicates those members looking for a new opportunity.

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This is another excellent effort by the Microsoft Owned Social network, encouraging its users to expand their careers into something possibly more beneficial and rewarding… only time will tell how this helps, but any effort trying to empower people find jobs is a good thing