What is AptX HD?

AptX HD was launched in 2016 and offer higher quality streaming over Bluetooth and supports high-definition audio up to 24-bit/48kHz. It is an upgrade of aptX which has been around since 1980’s.

The main benefit of the original aptX was the ability to transmit audio in CD-like quality.

In recent years we’ve seen the mobile landscape move towards a wireless existence; from wireless charges to wireless headphones/earbuds via Bluetooth.

 But a big negative with transmitting audio over Bluetooth is the quality can take a major hit, which is were this technology comes in; Its designed to improve the overall sound quality of your music when streamed over a wireless connection.

With that been said, one thing we’ve learned throughout the years is people will happily sacrifice audio quality for convenience (hell, I’m one of them, don’t shoot me). But there is a small clamouring of music fans (and steadily growing), who are demanding better quality sound, I think this is due to the resurgence vinyl record fans.

The owners of aptX technology Qualcomm have heard and are hoping to capitalise on this movement with aptX HD.

in order to benefit from the quality streaming of aptx HD you will require the correct hardware. Apt come on an system on a chip called CSR8675 Bluetooth audio SOC. It handles end to end 24 bit audio and a lower signal to noise ratio than its predecessor. It also provides greater digital signal processing and backwards compatibility with aptX enabled devices.

LG G5 32Gb first mobile to use aptX HD

The LG G5 was the first smartphone to adopt aptX HD followed by a slew of other smartphones and tablets from vendor’s such us Sony, Huawei and Google.

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A big disappointment is that Apple doesn’t support the aptX codec on their phones or tablets currently.

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